Ready, Set, Jets! What To Consider When Buying A New Hot Tub

4 March 2021
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A dip in a hot tub has been known to provide relaxation, stress-relief, and even health benefits. The warm water in a hot tub increases circulation, reduces swelling, and loosens tight muscles. A hot tub is an enjoyable addition to outdoor parties and family time. Hot tubs have seen many technological improvements over the last few years, so knowing which features are worthwhile can be tricky. Since not all hot tubs are created equal, here are some components to consider when buying your new tub. Read More 

How to Take Care of Your Face After a Chemical Peel

12 January 2021
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A chemical peel allows you to renew your skin. You can get rid of some of the old, dead skin and instead welcome fresh skin that helps you look and feel your best. If you are looking for a way to renew your skin, it can be a good idea to get a chemical peel. If you're curious about the process, these are some things you should do after your chemical peel to ensure that the results are great for your skin. Read More 

Video Call Face Got You Down? What You Need To Know About Botox

9 December 2020
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Do your work-from-home video conference calls make you hyper-aware of the fine lines around your eyes, nose, and mouth? Before you turn the camera off or insist on voice-only meetings, take a look at what you need to know about Botox and dermal filler treatment options. Who Can Use Botulinum Toxin Therapy? Botulinum toxin therapy for cosmetic reasons generally is not recommended for anyone under 18. You can choose this cosmetic injectable to freshen your video call appearance if: Read More 

Med Spa Treatments For Adult Acne

4 September 2020
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If you suffer from acne as an adult, employing a good skincare routine does not always provide sufficient relief. You may still be left with some unsightly blemishes and blackheads. Thankfully, med spas offer an array of services that can help encourage those blemishes to heal and keep new ones from forming. Extractions You've probably heard time and time again that you should not pop or pick at your blemishes. This is true — but it does not mean that a professional should not " Read More 

4 Types of Breast Augmentation

8 June 2020
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Many parts of the human body can be sculpted through nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, breasts aren't one of them. While weight loss can make breasts smaller, there's no way to make breasts larger naturally. Surgical breast augmentation can enhance the size of your breasts using body-safe implants. Here are four types of breast augmentation available for anyone who would like to change the shape and size of their breasts: 1. Reconstructive Breast Augmentation Read More