Have A Beauty Party For Your Teenager

2 May 2014
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Turning thirteen years old is a real milestone for your daughter. She's excited about being a young woman and it's important to acknowledge that big step.  One of the most wonderful gifts you can give your daughter for her birthday is to let her invite her best friends to a beauty and hair salon.

Setting Up the Party

Before you send out any invitations, check with your favorite beauty shop to make sure there will be enough beauticians to pamper the guests. If the party is going to be on a Saturday, you'll need to call way ahead of time, as Saturdays are busy days at salons. When you estimate the cost of the party, don't forget to include the cost of a tip. 

Your daughter will love making her own invitations. Some cute ideas are putting all the information onto a cutout of a nail polish bottle or a hair dryer. The titles could be something like, "Putting on the Ritz" or "Girls Are Gorgeous!" 

At The Beauty Salon

If the girls are getting new hairdos, it's a good idea to get to the beauty shop a bit early so they can browse hairdo books. Remind the girls not to ask for extras, as you haven't planned for those in the cost of the party. Getting to the salon early also allows the girls to pick out the polish they want for their manicures and pedicures. Another important reminder is for the girls to wear flip flops so their pedicures won't be damaged. Each girl will get her own beautician and it's a great time for the girls to show off their manners.

The Perfect Ending

After the fancy outing, cake and ice cream for dessert at home is perfect. The girls are still happy to play silly games. "Pin the hair wrap on the diva" or "match the hairdo to the celebrity" will let them release some pent up energy.

A craft is a good choice, too. Hand decorated head bands or hair clips become pretty party favors. A cellophane bag with nail polish, stickers, a funky nail file and lip gloss will be a reminder of the wonderful time they had that day. Party favors are the birthday girl's way to thank her guests for making her day special.

Congratulations! You've picked a great theme for your birthday girl. Don't forget to take pictures so she'll be able to record this lovely memory.