Shampoos To Use To Make Bright Hair Colors Last

5 March 2015
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If you have dyed your hair a bright blue or pink, you want to make sure that color lasts. Bright hair colors are semi-permanent. That means they wash out over time and fade faster than permanent but last longer than temporary. One way to make sure your hair color lasts is to use the right shampoo. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for shampoo to wash your bright colored hair:


It is generally accepted that the cheaper the shampoo the less it works. Cheap shampoo is actually beneficial to people with blue or pink hair. When you first wash your colored hair the shampoo will wash out lots of the color. The wash out will become less over time, but tons of the color is removed. You can stop the wash out by using cheap shampoo.

Since it doesn't work as well to clean your hair then it won't wash out as much color. You only need to use it for the first few washings and you should be washing your hair less, anyway. Choose those shampoos that cost you only a dollar or two. You can find them in the dollar store.

Wash Only Your Scalp and Roots

The water will make some color run, but it is the soap that really causes the problem. Wash out less color by only putting shampoo on your scalp and roots of your hair. That's where the oils come from that make your hair greasy after awhile. You'll lose most of the color there and since that's where the roots grow nobody will even notice the washout. This also helps to prevent hair weigh down.

Shine and Brightness

You want your bright hair color to stay bright and shiny for as long as it can last. Over time, the color will fade and become dull. That is, unless you use the right shampoo. After using the cheap shampoo to prevent washout, start using a more expensive brand designed for colored hair that promises shine and bright color.

There are many brands on the shelves and they will all do the same thing. You just have to pick your favorite and make sure it is sulfate-free. You will pay more, but the bottles tend to be bigger. Since you're already washing your hair less to make the color last then the shampoo will last, too.

Start with the cheapest shampoo you can find to keep the color in your hair. Then switch to shampoo that is designed to make it last. Wash less and stay bright. To learn more, contact a hair professional like The Hair'EM with your questions.