4 Tips For Protecting Your Hair Against Hot Appliances

10 March 2015
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You may love the way your hair looks when it's blow-dried and curled or straightened, and rightfully so; these appliances can help you achieve the look you want. At the same time, however, the heat from these appliances can be very damaging to your hair. That doesn't mean you need to totally give them up, but you should be careful. Here are four tips to protect your hair from heat. 

Choose Your Hair Appliances Carefully

When you buy your appliances, such as a flat iron, do your best to choose high-quality products. Cheaply made appliances are, in many cases, less easily controlled and more likely to damage your hair. Look for appliances with different settings, most importantly different settings for the temperature. Some models of hair appliances come with their own means of protection from the direct heat, such as nozzle attachments for blow dryers. You should also be diligent in making sure your appliances are in good repair, and should replace them when they get worn out or start to malfunction. 

Learn Correct Appliance Usage

Along with selecting quality appliances, you should learn how best to use them with your hair. Identify the right temperature setting for your hair, taking into account its natural qualities, such as thickness, and the proper techniques you should use. For example, make sure you know how long to keep your hair on your curling iron. Your hairdresser at the local hair salon should be able to give you tips for your specific hair and recommendations for general product usage. 

Use Heat Protectant 

In general, hair experts recommend that you never use hot appliances on your hair before putting protectant in your hair. This protectant can come in the form of a spray, mousse, or other type of applied hair product. When directly exposed to heat, your hair dries out and can start to break down, resulting in issues like split ends. Heat protectant adds an extra measure of resistance to the potentially destructive power of your hair appliances. 

Go Natural When You Can

When you have a day where you feel you can give your hair a break, make it count. Let your hair take a breather, away from the heat. If you want to feel more comfortable and confident in letting your hair go natural, talk to your hairdresser about possible styles and non-damaging products that will help you make the most of your hair. 

When in doubt about any facet of your hair health, ask an expert. Take your questions or concerns to your hair salon, and your hairdresser will help you find a good path for beautiful, healthier hair.