"Laser Hair Removal Hurts!" - 3 Reasons Why Someone Else's Story Shouldn't Stop You

20 April 2015
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If you want a permanent solution to shaving, plucking, and/or waxing, the option of laser hair removal may have crossed your mind. The procedure uses a laser that pulses at an incredibly fast speed, targeting hairs at the root. The light from the laser is absorbed by the pigments of the hair, which in turn destroys the follicle. Those who have previously undergone the treatment have reported back with varying levels of discomfort, and the descriptions vary from a light tingling sensation to a rubber band snapping against your skin. Ow! But before you let anyone's experience make you second guess scheduling an appointment, there are several factors that will affect how laser hair removal will feel to you.

1. Pain Tolerance

It is important to keep in mind that each individual person has a different level of pain tolerance. Your experience will not be exactly like theirs. In fact, it could be completely different based on this factor alone, depending on how well you handle particular types of pain.

2. The Area Being Treated

The general sensitivity of the area being treated will also affect if you are closer to the tingling or rubber band side of the spectrum. Most people tend to report the upper lip, armpits, and bikini area hurting the most, while arms and legs are significantly less painful. So if your friend had her lip done and your primary area of concern is your legs, you will likely have a very different experience.

3. Your Skin And Hair Profile

The coarseness and color of hair and skin will affect the settings needed on the laser in order to achieve the best results. Those with thick, coarse hair may need a higher setting in order for the light to penetrate the follicle. Darker skin tones are also more sensitive due to having more pigment in the hair and skin, and those with very light white or blonde hair may need a higher laser setting in order for the light to destroy any pigments. Typically, the treatments become less painful with each session, as there is less and less hair to destroy each and every time.

All of these factors come together to determine how laser hair removal will feel to you. While personal stories will certainly help you go into the treatment without a blindfold, they should not stop you from going to a session if it is something you really want to do.