Top Ways To Pamper Yourself Before Your Vacation

10 June 2015
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For the modern traveler, all of the relaxation and pampering doesn't have to start when you reach your final destination. Whether you're heading out to an exotic location halfway across the world or are simply planning a long weekend at the beach, investing in some much needed spa services before your vacation can be a fun and necessary preparation step. The last thing you want to feel on vacation is self-conscious, so put some time aside and make sure you feel extra glamorous before your plane leaves the runway.


Depending on your vacation destination you could be dealing with some major hair issues on your trip. Talk to your stylist about possible cuts that will help minimize the time you'll have to spend taming your tresses and take the plunge with a fabulous new hair look.

Hair Removal

Both men and women can benefit from a hair removal session or two before heading out on vacation. Ladies should make sure their legs are hair-free and ready to hit the beach, while men may want to look into waxing any unwanted chest or back hair to keep their skin looking and feeling its best.


Once your skin is hair-free in all the right places it is time to make sure it is silky smooth and glowing for your trip. Hot weather means you'll be wearing fewer clothes than normal so make sure your skin is ready to withstand the sun. There are a number of non-surgical spa services available that can rejuvenate your top layers of skin and leave you looking younger and healthier than every before.

Spray Tan

Don't make the mistake of hitting the beach without a beach tan. Not only can sunburns be painful and unsightly but they can cause major health issues down the line. Get a spray tan a few days before you head out on your trip and you'll not only look better upon arrival but you'll feel great too!


Make sure your nail game is on point when you're out exploring on your vacation with a relaxing manicure and pedicure session before you leave for vacation. If you're traveling solo grab a friend or 2 to head to the spa with you. Alternatively, if you're part of a happy couple, invite your partner out for a pamper session at the spa, like Luxor Nails And Spa, and take the time to perfectly match your nail color to your swimwear.