How To Care For Your Wig

17 August 2015
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If you have decided to purchase a wig, you want to learn how to take proper care of it. A wig can continue to look natural and good for a long time if you take good care of it. However, if you neglect it or do something you shouldn't, it can become a mess and look like something you wouldn't want to put on your head. Follow the instructions in this article to take good care of your wig.

When to wash your wig

The best way to keep your wig nice and clean is to make sure you wash it frequently, but not too often. A good rule of thumb is to wash it after about 8 times of wearing it. Washing it more than this can cause the wig to wear out sooner, and washing it less often can cause it to smell bad and cause the trapped sweat to break down the fibers faster.

How to wash your wig

Comb the wig before you wash it. Use wig shampoo to wash your wig and not regular hair shampoo. Follow the instructions on the bottle of shampoo regarding the amount of shampoo to use; it is usually one tablespoon of wig shampoo to wash a wig. Make sure to use cold water, not hot water. Using hot water can cause the wig to suffer some shrinkage and it can wear down the fibers faster. To dry the wig, dab it with a dry towel and make sure you never wring it out with your hands.

After the wig is towel dry, but still has some moisture to it, you want to put about a dime worth of wig conditioner in your hand and rub it on both palms. Carefully work the conditioner through the hair portion of the wig. After you work the conditioner through the wig, rinse it with cold water and dab it dry with a dry towel again.

Style the wig carefully

Once the wig has been properly washed and conditioned, set it somewhere to dry completely. Once it is dry, you can style it. Never attempt to brush your wig before it is completely dry. Brushing a wet or even a moist wig will ruin the hair fibers, destroying it permanently.

Avoid using heated styling utensils to style the wig, as this can destroy it. If you are going to use a blow drier, only use one that allows you to choose a cool setting. Use rollers to add curls instead of using a heated curling iron.

By taking good care of your wig, you will be able to expect to get a lot more use out of it before it loses its natural look. Talk to hair professionals or salons, like Ferrari Hair Service, for more information and tips to take care of your wig.