What Is Corporate Massage?

17 March 2016
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If you're an employee or a manager in a big company, you may have heard about a benefit called corporate massage. Corporate massage is a way that both employer and employee can benefit from professional massage services. Knowing what corporate massage does and what the benefits are can help you decide whether or not corporate massage would be right for your company.

What is corporate massage?

Corporate massage is massage done at the workplace. It's done by a professional massage therapist who administers massage to employees who sign up for the service.

How does corporate massage compare to massage administered in a spa or a clinic?

Corporate massage is typically delivered by a trained, certified, professional massage therapist. Often the massage therapist will deliver the massage on a travel table or on a massage chair brought in specifically for the massage event. The massage may take place in a darkened conference room which has been emptied out with relaxing music played in the background.

Massage therapists do their best to make the environment as relaxing as possible, and since the person who gives the massage is often a certified, trained professional, corporate massage has many of the same qualities and benefits as massage administered in a spa or clinic. However, corporate massage sessions are often shorter than standard massage sessions, because the massage therapist visits for a limited amount of time.

What are the benefits of corporate massage?

Corporate massage can benefit both employees and employer. It can improve employee morale and employee retention by showing employees that they are valued by their company. Corporate massage can also de-stress employees and improve blood flow to the parts of the body that go unused while the employee sits at a desk during the day. Massage has health benefits that include reduction of insomnia, anxiety and headaches, and it can provide relief for certain chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

How can you get a corporate massage program at your company?

Because corporate massage has health benefits that can improve employee health overall, many companies arrange for massage as a part of their corporate wellness program. If you would like for your company to look into offering corporate massage on a regular basis, talk to your company's wellness officer. If your company has no wellness officer, you may talk to your company's benefits administrator. He or she may be able to tell you what it would take to get started with a program of this kind.