3 Excellent Reasons To Get Gel Nails

12 January 2017
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If you want to get your nails done professionally at a salon, you have likely realized that you have a few different options when it comes to what you would like your nails to look like and what you would like to have used on them. One awesome option to consider is gel nails. The nail polish used is gel based and adheres to your nail as a single piece, unlike nail polish. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent reasons to get gel nails.

Your Nail Polish Doesn't Chip Or Flake Off

One excellent reason to get gel nail polish on your nails at the salon is because it is not going to chip or flake off like regular nail polish does. This is because the gel polish is a single piece of gel that has hardened onto your nails. In order to really chip or flake the gel nail polish, you are going to have to actually use chemicals to remove it. This is perfect if you work with your hands a lot, and your regular nail polish chips or flakes off immediately. Also, because it doesn't chip or flake off, you are going to be able to go much longer between nail appointments. You are just going to need to have them redone when your nail has grown out enough that the base of your nail is no longer painted. 

It Dries Immediately 

Another great reasons to get gel polish is the fact that it dries immediately. When you get your nails painted with regular nail polish, one of the biggest worries that you have immediately after your nails are painted is smudging the nail polish. You likely have to spend a good amount of time at the salon, waiting for your nails to dry, so that you are safe to use your hands to return to your everyday tasks. Gel nail polish is vastly different because you place your nails under a black light throughout the painting process to cure and dry the nail polish instantly. 

They Likely Remove The Old Color For Free 

Since the gel polish needs a special remover in order to take it off, you will likely want this to be done at the salon. Thankfully, most salons are going to perform this service for you for free before they put on a new gel polish color for you. This makes it much easier on you and allows you to change up your color as often as you'd like. 

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