4 Types of Breast Augmentation

8 June 2020
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Many parts of the human body can be sculpted through nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, breasts aren't one of them. While weight loss can make breasts smaller, there's no way to make breasts larger naturally. Surgical breast augmentation can enhance the size of your breasts using body-safe implants. Here are four types of breast augmentation available for anyone who would like to change the shape and size of their breasts:

1. Reconstructive Breast Augmentation

Reconstructive breast augmentation is available to women who have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer. Reconstructive breast augmentation is unique because it's used in cases where the breast needs to be completely rebuilt. Tissue expanders are sometimes placed in a preliminary operation. These expanders are filled with saline over time, using a hypodermic needle. Expanders allow the tissue to stretch gradually, to accommodate the final implants that will be used for breast augmentation. During reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgeons can also manipulate tissue to recreate nipples that may have been lost due to mastectomy.

2. Subglandular Breast Augmentation

Subglandular breast augmentation is a good choice for anyone who already has plenty of their own natural breast tissue. During this operation, silicone or saline implants will be placed directly below the breast tissue, above the pectoral muscles. Many doctors prefer silicone implants for this procedure since it offers a more realistic feel. Subglandular implants are popular because they offer faster, less painful recoveries.

3. Submuscular Breast Augmentation

Submuscular breast augmentation is another common procedure. During this surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision between your pectoral muscle and rib cage. The space they make will hold whichever breast implants you choose. Submuscular breast augmentation can give women a natural look, even if they had small breasts to start with. This operation may not be recommended for women who do a lot of weightlifting since implant deformation can occur during chest exercises.

4. Breast Augmentation and Lift

A breast augmentation can offer a minor lift on its own, but this lift may be insufficient for postpartum women or those with naturally pendulous breasts. If sagging is a concern, you may be best served with a breast augmentation that also features a breast lift. During a breast augmentation and lift, your surgeon will place your implants as usual. They will also make a vertical incision below your nipples that will allow them to reshape your breasts into a perkier, more upright position.