Ready, Set, Jets! What To Consider When Buying A New Hot Tub

4 March 2021
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A dip in a hot tub has been known to provide relaxation, stress-relief, and even health benefits. The warm water in a hot tub increases circulation, reduces swelling, and loosens tight muscles. A hot tub is an enjoyable addition to outdoor parties and family time. Hot tubs have seen many technological improvements over the last few years, so knowing which features are worthwhile can be tricky. Since not all hot tubs are created equal, here are some components to consider when buying your new tub.

Construction: Quality of materials goes a long way in determining how long your hot tub will last. Hot tubs are often made with acrylic, vinyl, or plastic shells. Acrylic shells provide energy efficiency and durability in a range of colors. Vinyl is less expensive than acrylic and also less durable. Plastic shells are known for being lightweight, but may not retain heat as well as other materials. Insulation is also important, especially if you live in a cold climate. Some hot tubs have the entire cabinet insulated, while others contain insulation only on the underside. The type of insulation included will greatly impact the energy efficiency of the unit. In addition to materials, the overall design and shape of the tub makes a difference. Look for safety steps and ergonomic seating for full-body support. Hot tubs now often include a variety of seating from deep seats and high (cool-down) seats to loungers.

Controls: Many hot tubs now come with settings on the control panel for the blower, lights, jets, temperature, and alerts. Some even include remote controls or smart designs that can be operated through a smartphone app. These controls provide convenient ways to make the most of your hot tub experience and take care of your tub when adjustments are needed.

Lighting: Spa lighting is an area that has improved significantly in the past few years. Light is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety when moving around the spa. Hot tubs usually have LED bulbs, which can be located above the water, below the water, or along the rim. More advanced spa lighting includes color and brightness changing capabilities for a personalized experience.

Massage: If you would like massage features in your hot tub, pumps and jets are important components to consider. The key feature to look for is the flow rate (gallons of water per minute), which will indicate how efficiently the hot tub is cycling water. The location of the jets matters for targeting specific areas of the body. Upgraded hot tubs may even include aromatherapy or reflexology.

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