Ideas To Make Your Balayage More Unique And Creative

27 July 2021
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Balayage has become quite popular over the years. But you may have noticed that many people have balayage that all look exactly the same. They have nice blonde color worked evenly into the ends of their hair, with the hair growing darker and the highlights growing less concentrated towards the scalp. This is a nice look, but it is such a popular look. If you like balayage but want to stand out a little more, here are some ideas to discuss with your stylist.

Multi-Tonal Balayage

Instead of having one color worked into your ends, consider having several colors worked into your ends. Stylists call this multi-tonal color since they'll be working with more than one color at the same time. You could have three different shades of blonde. Or, you could have a lighter blonde and also a reddish color. Since your stylist has to lighten the hair for the blonde anyways, they can put red dye over some of the already lightened hair, and it should set well, leading to vibrant results.

Fashion Color Balayage

Bright red, green, blue, and purple — these colors are known as "fashion colors" or sometimes "vibrant colors" in the hair coloring world. They are pretty bright and impossible to miss when you dye your whole head. But working them into your hair in a balayage-like way can make them more subtle but still fun. Your stylist can also reduce the amount of hair they actually highlight so you just have a few balayage blue or purple highlights if you prefer. Or, they can go all-in and give you a dramatic balayage-colored look. These colors are not permanent, however, so you'll need to return and have them touched up.

Black Balayage

Another creative idea is to turn things around, and instead of having your hair lightened towards the end and back, have it darkened. You can go with a deep black more easily with balayage since the color won't be framing your face. This look is dramatic but not as harsh as dying your whole head black. And if black still feels too intense, you can opt for a darker brown for a similar, yet more subtle look.

Balayage allows you to create a unique hairstyle that's still softer and more flowing than if you were to dye your whole head. Don't just stick to the classic blonde. Explore these other options with your stylist.