Sunny Days Ahead: FAQs About Summer-Time Hair Color

24 May 2022
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Does your hair color make you think of cold, snowy winter days? Now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, your tresses are ready for a brand-new hue—or at the very least, an updated color for the season. If you're not sure which summer-time hue is the right choice, take a look at what you need to know about your hair color treatment  options.

Should You Try To Naturally Lighten Your Hair?

Your brunette style is ready for a summer-time makeover. But does this mean you should squeeze a lemon on your strands or try another so-called natural lightening method? Even though the citric acid in lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, it's not the best option to go from a dark shade to a blond hue. 

Combined with the sun's rays, lemon juice could make your hair look lighter. It can also turn your hair an odd orange shade, leave your would-be silky tresses frayed and frizzy, cause breakage, or irritate your sensitive scalp. Along with these issues, lemon juice and other similar natural options won't always give you the solid, even color that you would expect from a salon service. Instead of a DIY summer-time color treatment, leave this job to the professionals. 

Is Blond the Only Summer-Time Hair Color Option?

No, you don't need to go full-on platinum blond just because the season changes. While lighter hues (such as a bold blond) are sunny summer-time favorites, these aren't your only color options. Whether you prefer something other than a platinum color or this extra-light hue just won't look right with your skin tone or eye color, you do have other options.

What Other Colors Can You Choose During the Summer?

You could choose any hair color you want. If you want to move away from deep, dark, or cooler colors without going blond, consider a lighter brunette or red hue. A golden-brown can pick up the summer sun rays and lighten your look for the season. The same goes for a bright caramel or an amber red. 

Do You Need To Choose One Color?

Instead of one color, add depth to your hair with a few different tones. You can keep your natural color as a base and add blond, caramel brown, golden, amber, or lighter red highlights. The specific highlight hue you choose depends on your hair color (the base color) and the look you want. A salon colorist can help you to select the right highlight option and can create a natural summertime look.