Should You Schedule Non-Surgical Body Sculpting At A Medical Spa?

24 June 2022
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For decades past, body sculpting services were primarily offered by cosmetic surgeons since these treatments entailed the surgical removal of unwanted fat from one's body. The intrusive nature of this procedure, though, would make some individuals skeptical about enlisting these services. But what if you could contour your body to your preferred needs without having to go under the knife?

This is where non-surgical body sculpting comes in. Also referred to as body contouring, this procedure is commonly offered at medical spas and entails the use of radiofrequency waves to permanently damage fat cells to shape your figure while tightening your skin. Read on to discover the advantages of scheduling non-surgical body sculpting at a medical spa.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Can Target Diverse Body Parts

Unquestionably, one of the foremost reasons non-surgical body sculpting is steadily garnering popularity is that it can be employed on multiple body parts in a singular session. Once you attend your first consultation at a medical spa, the medical professional will inquire about your goals. Typically, patients tend to want to eliminate unwanted fat from their back, abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs.

After gathering this information, the medical professional will come up with a customized plan to meet these needs. Admittedly, you also have the option of combining multiple cosmetic surgeries. For example, if you are scheduled for a breast reduction, you can also request a breast lift simultaneously. Nonetheless, unlike non-surgical body contouring, multiple cosmetic surgeries will take a massive toll on your body, which results in a prolonged recovery.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Provides Long-Lasting Results

A misassumption some individuals make about non-surgical body contouring is one would have to go back for numerous subsequent sessions to maintain their initial results, but this is incorrect. What you need to know about non-surgical body sculpting is that radiofrequency waves kill fat cells. Once these fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate. However, there are a few things you need to take note of.

For starters, you would have to adhere to a healthy diet so that you do not grow additional fat cells in other areas that would detract from the body sculpting results. Furthermore, it is advisable to take up an exercise routine so you can maintain a toned body. As long as you stick to the aftercare instructions provided to you by the medical practitioner, you should be able to enjoy long-lasting results from your body contouring treatment.