Have Constant Back Pain? Visit A Spa For Massage Therapy

29 November 2022
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If you have constant back pain, you should first see a doctor to ensure there is nothing physically wrong. If you have done this and the doctor did not find anything, your pain may be due to a lot of stress causing tight muscles. One thing you can do is visit a spa to help you with your back pain. Spas have massage therapists that can help release tension in your back relieving your pain. Below is information on the benefits massage therapy offers, as well as the different types of massages that are used.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beneficial because you do not have to be prescribed pain medications, which can be addictive to some people. Massage therapy may also be less expensive when compared to some medications. 

Massage therapy can also save you time as you will not have to worry about seeing your doctor for a prescription, and then going to a pharmacy to pick up the prescription. 

Types of Massages

There are different types of massages that can be used at a spa to treat back pain including:

Swedish Massage

With a Swedish massage, the therapist will make sure you are in complete relaxation and then give you a massage. This can help loosen tight and cramped muscles that can cause pain in the back. This type generally uses a light touch when doing the massage. This type is chosen if you do not have severe pain in your back. 

Deep Tissue Massage

There is also a deep tissue massage which is deeply massaging the muscles in your back. This is much more intense when compared to a Swedish massage. The therapist will massage as deep as they can through your muscles and try to get close to the bones. This is beneficial if the muscles in your back are tightly knotted and can help these muscles relax. You do need to make sure you tell the therapist if the massage is hurting you too much. They will then not go as deep when doing the massage. 

Trigger Point Massage

Another type of massage is known as the trigger point massage. This works much like a deep tissue massage but releases trigger points. This is when there are tight areas inside of a muscle that is causing you pain in other areas of your body. For example, sometimes pain in the back may cause pain to radiate down one of your hips and down the legs. 

Visit a spa to speak with a massage therapist about back pain treatment. They can go over the massages listed above, as well as tell you of other types of massages they may use.