Prenatal Services To Enjoy During A Day Spa Visit

3 August 2023
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People visit day spas for some pampering at many different times, but this is a local service that you may especially want to use while you're pregnant. Although you may feel that you're busy during this exciting phase of your life, taking some time for self-care is important. When you check out the website of a day spa in your area, you'll often find a menu that lists services that are designed for those who are pregnant. This list can vary from spa to spa, but each service will be relaxing and restoring. Here are some prenatal services to try during a day spa visit.

Prenatal Massage

One of the most common prenatal services that is available at day spas is prenatal massage. Day spas have many different types of massages that are offered, but one that is tailored to those who are pregnant can be the right choice at this time of your life. Your massage therapist will inquire about what areas are sore and will have experience treating pregnant clients. You might want some work on your back, which can often become uncomfortable toward your due date, for example. You may wish to book regular prenatal massages between now and your due date.

Prenatal Pedicure

While anyone can have a pedicure at any time, you'll commonly find that day spas offer a service known as a prenatal pedicure. Not only is this spa service relaxing, which makes it ideal when you're pregnant, but it also performs a service that you may have trouble managing on your own. If you're not as flexible and have trouble comfortably touching your feet, you may especially appreciate having a spa attendant who will trim your cuticles, exfoliate your soles, and give your nails a cheery color of polish to help you look your best.

Prenatal Belly Facial

While the term "belly facial" might seem a little confusing, this term simply describes a treatment that is similar to a conventional spa facial — but that you receive on your belly. It can feel good to have a spa attendant treat this part of your body with various creams, including those that moisturize and help to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. You'll find that your skin in this area is significantly softer after this treatment. If you're interested in booking a prenatal day spa service, visit a local day spa's website to learn about its treatments.

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