Should You Schedule Non-Surgical Body Sculpting At A Medical Spa?

24 June 2022
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For decades past, body sculpting services were primarily offered by cosmetic surgeons since these treatments entailed the surgical removal of unwanted fat from one's body. The intrusive nature of this procedure, though, would make some individuals skeptical about enlisting these services. But what if you could contour your body to your preferred needs without having to go under the knife? This is where non-surgical body sculpting comes in. Also referred to as body contouring, this procedure is commonly offered at medical spas and entails the use of radiofrequency waves to permanently damage fat cells to shape your figure while tightening your skin. Read More 

Sunny Days Ahead: FAQs About Summer-Time Hair Color

24 May 2022
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Does your hair color make you think of cold, snowy winter days? Now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, your tresses are ready for a brand-new hue—or at the very least, an updated color for the season. If you're not sure which summer-time hue is the right choice, take a look at what you need to know about your hair color treatment  options. Should You Try To Naturally Lighten Your Hair? Read More 

Four Amazing Benefits Of Cupping

6 April 2022
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Cupping is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian treatment that uses bamboo, plastic, or glass cups. This therapy is also called Hijama and is done by applying oil on your skin to enable smooth cup gliding during treatment. A piece of cloth is soaked in an alcoholic fluid and then lit. This fire is directed in a cup to create a vacuum and then placed on your meridian lines or any part you want to be treated. Read More 

The Perks Of Microneedling Treatments

12 January 2022
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If you are newly passionate about caring for your skin, you may have learned about a treatment called microneedling. Microneedling is not a new treatment, but there are many new techniques used to apply this treatment. Are you interested in trying microneedling for the first time? Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see. Your Face Will Look More Toned Microneedling is designed to give you fresh, smooth facial skin. Read More